InfinityHike Animation Studio

“We Love Animation”, “We put our soul in to work to bring dream’s in to reality, want to bring your dream’s into reality”

Are You Looking For Best Animation Studio ?

InfinityHike is an animation studio that creates engaging stories for cinema, broadcast, and the web with a strong emphasis on well-designed characters. We work internationally for advertising agencies and production houses, and also directly with brands.

You give us your story, we’ll get it moving !

Our Services

Animation Production

Create and develop content for animation films. Offer a variety of production services in 2D & 3D & VFX for the television and episodic sectors, short and feature films.

Pre Production Development

  • Story Concepts
  • Character Designs
  • Layout Designs
  • Background Designs
  • Props Development
  • Storyboard & Animatics 


If you are as excited as we are to start realizing a new dream, let’s talk! We look forward to hearing from you.

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